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2018 Annual Training Seminar

The Australasian Branch is proud to announce that its 2018 Annual Training Seminar will be held in Brisbane on 19-21 March, 2018 at the Pullman Brisbane King George Square.

The three day event will cover a broad range of issues around relating to vehicle crimes, however we will have a particular focus on Heavy Vehicles, Plant  and Equipment.   To compliment this theme we have secured four highly regarded international keynote speakers.  (see below)

Day three of the 2018  seminar will be a field trip where our international keynote speakers together with a few of our other speakers will expand their classroom presentation and demonstrate on actual vehicles.

March is always a busy month, so I encourage you to commence seeking travel approval now and booking your flights and accommodation asap.  Seminar registrations will official open in a few weeks.

If you have any questions or need further information about the 2018 seminar please contact me via email:   or mobile: 0418 841 899

Registrations will open in a few weeks along with details of the speakers and special delegate accomodation rates. 


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2018 Seminar -  International Keynote Speakers

James (JD) Hough  - Arizona Law Enforcement Liaison, LoJack Corporation (USA) and International President of IAATI 

A 34 year veteran of Arizona Department of Public Safety Sergeant JD Hough has joined the LoJack's  Law Enforcement Liaison team in 2014.  As such JD is  responsible for professional training, providing equipment to additional police vehicles, and serving as an advisor to law enforcement agencies throughout Arizona that use the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System to combat auto theft.  

JD began his law enforcement career as a highway patrol officer in Flagstaff, Arizona in 1980. In 2002, he was assigned to the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force as squad supervisor. He served in this capacity for the following decade, overseeing a wide variety of investigations including multi-agency and multi-state criminal cases. In 2012, he joined the Arizona Auto Theft Authority staff as a lieutenant, furthering his vehicle theft experience and activities state-wide. Additionally, Hough has been an active member of the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) and the Arizona Auto Theft Investigators Association (AATIA). He has held several leadership positions in both organizations including President of AATIA and the Western Regional Chapter of IAATI and in August 2017 was appointed as International President of IAATI.

Mike Briggs - Managing Director, VSST Ltd  (UK)

Mike has worked in the automotive industry for past 35 years, 21 of those at the UK insurer’s research centre – Thatcham.  Joining as a Vehicle Security Engineer in 1995 and then becoming the Vehicle Crime Research Manager, Mike was responsible for a team of 8 Vehicle Security Engineers that carried out New Vehicle Security Assessments (NVSA’s) on hundreds of vehicles (cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and plant), with the results made available to the public via as well as going forward as information to the insurer’s group rating panel. He also lead the team opening new paths to  predominantly work with Vehicle Manufacturers, police forces, Governments and other vehicle security organisations on a global basis, with the overall remit of finding solution to reduce vehicle crime.

Mike was responsible for security updates that drove down car crime in the UK  from over 600,000 cars to just over 75,000 cars stolen and the creation of criteria to combat crime against other vehicle types. More recently the theft of construction plant and agricultural vehicle has not gone untouched,  and Mike is assisting with the development of standards for these vehicles.
He  influenced many countries around the world, with one engineer permanently based in South East Asia, support for Sweden through TFF Motor Insurance in maintaining a reduced theft risk for Swedish market and worked in a range of other countries including Canada, Europe, Russia, America, Korea and Japan.

In July 2016 Mike has took on the new challenge and started his own company VSST Ltd to maintain standards and find solutions against theft threats with key stakeholders such as police, Government, the Aftermarket tracking and security systems suppliers forming the Tracking and Aftermarket Security System Association (TASSA), insurers, vehicle manufacturers, and others in the continuing battle against crime across the globe.

Mike is also working with the UK government to develop standards to  prevent vehicles being used a weapons by terrorists.

In June 2017 Mike was elected UK Branch President of IAATI.

Nick Mayell - Police Liaison and Training Officer, Datatag Ltd. (UK)

Nick is a well-known name in equipment security and police circles. He left school at the age of 16 and secured a position as an apprentice heavy vehicle mechanic with a local plant and truck company. He later went on to manage a hire company which is when he became brutally aware of the financial repercussions of heavy equipment theft. As more and more of his equipment became subjected to theft, he took it upon himself to trace and recover his own machines. Such was his success, insurance and finance companies continued to use his investigative skills to help locate their own assets. 

In 1994 Nick was employed by a specialist heavy equipment investigation company in the UK and worked on many high profile cases, including one case which led to the recovery of 86 stolen machines. In 2011 he left to set up Plant Theft Consultancy. Nick’s services are currently secured by the UK’s leading asset marking and registration company, Datatag ID Ltd, who are the administrators the CESAR scheme. In his role with Datatag Nick works directly with the police, crime prevention organisations and the insurance and asset finance industries to raise the level of awareness and increase the level of detection of vehicle enabled crime. Nick present special training courses to disseminate proven vehicle identification techniques for traffic police, as well as  advanced courses for specialist vehicle examiners and training to insurance underwriters and claims officers, asset finance underwriters and fraud investigators.

Nick is a qualified trainer who regularly runs courses through the UK and Europe including for Interpol’s Formatrain project and  IAATI. His heavy equipment course is internationally recognised and accredited at level 3. He also runs a level 3 accredited courses in forensic vehicle VIN recovery, using both chemical and thermal techniques. 

LaRonda Mathews - Brand Protection Specialist, Caterpillar, Inc. (USA) 
To be confirmed


All the latest details will be posted on the Upcoming Seminar page as they become available.