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About Our Seminars

The Australasian Branch of IAATI hosts an annual training seminar each year in a capital city in either Australia or New Zealand. Attending an annual training seminar is a membership privilege. All delegates attending an IAATI training seminar are members of the Australasian branch and have demonstrated they have a legitimate interest in interest in vehicle crime investigation, prevention and education.

These seminars provide a unique opportunity to find out more about vehicle crime investigations, intelligence, forensic techniques, current trends, registration initiatives, insurance practices and more. They are of particular interest to:

  • Police – Investigators, Intelligence Analysts and Scientific staff
  • Insurance – Fraud and Investigation staff, Claim and Underwriting Managers
  • Private Investigators
  • Vehicle Registration authorities – Inspectors and policy makers
  • Crime prevention and fraud specialists
  • Academics and Researchers
  • Motor Trades – Policy makers
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Forensic Locksmiths

Financial members of IAATI are also invited to attend seminars and training courses offerred by the other nine IAATI Branch and Chapters around the world and the annual International Conference. More information regarding these seminars and training courses can be obtained from the IAATI International website or the individual Branch and Chapter websites

In addition to the Annual Training Seminar, the Australasian Branch runs occasional one day seminars to benefit those members who are unable to attend the Annual seminar.

To view details of our upcoming seminar please visit our  Upcoming seminar page


Past Seminar Testimonials

Each year the Australasian Branch Committee works tirelessly behind the scenes preparing the seminars for branch members. Staging these annual seminars is a difficult and time consuming task but one that can prove extremely beneficial when they meet the needs and expectations of the delegates.

The branch is extremely appreciative of all feedback provided by attending seminar delegates. To follow are the kind comments from seminar delegates that encourage the committed members of the branch committee to continue staging seminars.

"Advanced topics. Advanced instructors. Excellent. Best"
"Great variety"
"By far the most advanced program that I have been to. Excellent."
"The most organised conference I’ve seen of either regional or international."
"Well done. Thank you."
"Well organised."
"Very good. Everything ran very smoothly."
"At first I thought the cost was too high, however I understand why/how you arrived at this figure."
"Value for money." (2 comments)
"Many speakers, different agenda but very good."
"The variety of speakers and subjects."
"This has been the best conference I have attended."
"Extremely worthwhile. I will certainly try and attend next year."
"Couldn’t improve it. Perfect!"
"No improvement required."
"Thanks for the BEST ever conference."
"High standard of speakers and well developed program."
"Video and graphics were large, clear and professionally done. This was the most error-free conference that I´ve attended."
"The conference centre was clean, neat and well managed and refreshed every few hours. Excellent learning environment."


If you have attended an Australasian Branch seminar and would like to provide feedback about a good experience or how the Australasian Branch Committee could better improve its training seminars, email your comments to