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The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) was formed in 1952 in order to improve communication and coordination among the growing family of professional auto theft investigators. It has grown to over 2,000 members representing 58 countries and includes representatives of law enforcement agencies, as well as many others with a legitimate interest in auto theft investigation, prevention and education. We recognize that, just as law enforcement agencies cannot successfully function independent of one another, auto theft investigation requires the active participation of the private sector; therefore, our membership also includes the insurance industry, automobile manufacturers, car rental companies and, of course, the National Insurance Crime Bureau and its sister agencies in Canada and Europe

Our Goals

Our most effective weapon to combat the crime of auto theft is cooperation. IAATI has actively pursued this by providing its members with an unsurpassed array of experience, training and resources in areas such as technical developments, trends, intelligence information and investigative assistance. Through IAATI we are able to pool our resources in order to achieve our common interests, and better serve our communities.

IAATI is dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest professional standards of conduct among auto theft investigators, and strives to eliminate all factors interfering with the administration of the auto theft suppression effort.

Benefits of Membership

Some of the benefits of being an IAATI member are:

  • Access to our website (IAATI.org) which provides;
    • Access to our Members’ Only section;
    • Access to our membership roster;
    • Access to our Members’ Forum;
    • Access to IAATI documentation and historical info
    • Access to IAATI Awards;
    • Access to our Certification Program;
    • Access to IAATI news from around the world;
    • Access to the current members of the Board of Directors;
    • Access to all Chapter/Branches
    • Access to all information available in the language of your choice
  • 3 issues per year (online or hard copy) of the APB magazine which includes:
    • Timely articles about vehicle crime and successful investigations
    • News and updates from IAATI and its Chapter/Branches
    • Information about upcoming training and seminars
  • Monthly issues of IAATI’s online newsletter the VCT (Vehicle Crimes Today)

Also, in addition to the many local training seminars, members are invited to IAATI’s Annual Vehicle Crime Conference which is the flagship event of our organization. And while our annual conference is one of the main focuses of our attention throughout the year, there is more to IAATI. Much more!

What IAATI is doing for you, all year long . . .

When our Board of Directors leaves our annual conference, they do so with a year’s worth of projects, tasks and missions before them. The President oversees the assignments of numerous committees who will work all year right up until the next annual gathering. During the year, there will be at least 4 Board meetings during which members of the Board will be called upon to submit progress reports. In addition to those 4 meetings, there are scores of secondary conference calls and video conferencing taking place by over 30 committees as they pursue their respective missions.

IAATI Committees

Here are some of the IAATI committees hard at work all year long:

APB/VCT (Vehicle Crimes Today) Publication Committee/ Auto Finance Committee / 7 Different Awards committees / Community and Culture Development Committee/ Constitution & Bylaws Committee / Education, Training and Certification Committee / Ethics Committee / Finance Committee / IACP Committee / Information Technology Committee / Insurance Liaison Committee / Legislative Committee / Marine Committee/ Membership Committee / Manufacturers Liaison Committee / NMVITIS Committee / Nominating Committee / On-Site Seminar Committee/ President's Committee/ Site Selection Committee / Sponsor, Marketing, Supporter, and Exhibitor Committee/ Social Media Committee/ Strategic Planning Committee / Survey Committee / Vehicle Cross Border Crime Committee / Vehicle Cybercrime Committee/ Vehicle Identifcation Committee


For many of our members who work within smaller clusters of co-workers, IAATI offers unlimited possibilities for networking. At our conferences, for example, an important component for any member is the ability to reach out and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world. And for those who cannot attend our annual conference, electronic networking is available online (iaati.org) through our Membership Search and through the Members’ Forum. Either way, contact with a fellow IAATI member is only an email away.

Increasing Member Involvement

We are happy to report that in recent years, members have been increasingly approaching IAATI to become more involved in our daily workings. This has resulted in a marked increase in members applying for positions on our Board of Directors. In August 2022, we welcomed new Associate Directors, as well as a number of first time members to various committees. The interest and involvement of these individuals reflects a new level of enthusiasm and energy among our members.

IAATI: A Volunteer Organization

IAATI is a volunteer-based organization that relies on the involvement, contribution, and leadership of its members. As such IAATI welcomes and recognizes the efforts, rights, and contributions of all members regardless of their cultural, religion, gender, political or economic background.


We hope that this document has added to your understanding about how IAATI works and what it is doing for the membership, not just at our annual conference but throughout the year. If you have any further questions, please reach out to any Board member. Or myself! We thank you for your interest in IAATI!

Nathan McGanty
President 2023-2024